Alliance Network card transaction processing platform provides end-to-end Transaction Management Solution for banks and financial institutions to capitalize on the electronic payment revolution. Alliance Network card transaction processing platform combines several modules that can be used separately or in an integrated way to satisfy the specific needs of the financial organization. It is designed to manage customers' accounts, products and transactions within a wide-range of framework.

Products Supported

Debit cards

Credit cards

Open Loop Prepaid Cards

Closed Loop Prepaid Cards

Open Loop Gift Cards

Closed Loop Gift Cards

WPS Cards

Co-Branded Cards

Digital Wallet

Virtual Cards

Integrated Loyalty and Payment Cards


Card Management

Debit / Credit / Prepaid / Loyalty Processing

Authorization Processing

Clearing & Settlement

Customer Loyalty Services

Fraud Detection & Monitoring

Chargeback Services

Call Center Services

Card Sourcing & Perso Services for Plastic / FOB and more