Branch Instant Issuance refers to the process of personalizing and issuing a card upon request. It typically takes place at distributed customer service points where card requests are received, such as:

  1. Bank Branches
  2. Retail Outlets
  3. Malls

As consumer preferences evolve and new channels emerge, bankers must consider the role of its branches with the emergence of instant card issuance, especially debit cards. A game-changer for financial institutions, instant issuance offers a great opportunity to transform the branch into a super customer service center, thus improving customer loyalty and profitability.

Improved customer experience : Account holders receive personalized cards instantly, without waiting days or weeks for the card to arrive in the mail/courier.

Competitive advantage : Instant Issuance delivers speed, convenience, and value to cardholders, services that align with their lifestyle.

Reduced costs : With Instant Issuance, institutions no longer need to issue temporary cards or handle 'rushed' card orders, eliminating expenses typically associated with packaging and shipping and handling.

Enhanced security : Advanced technologies make instant issuance fully compliant with security requirements while reducing the risk of cards being lost or stolen in the mail

Revenue opportunities : Offering an "instant" solution for a small fee has created additional revenue streams for some institutions, thus turning branches into profit centers.

The branch Instant Issuance solution : Enables EMV Compliant smart card issuance instantly from bank branches. Alliance Network works closely with Machine suppliers like Matica, NBS and CIM and offer Banks a complete end to end Instant Issuance solution.

Card type supported

Magnetic Stripe Cards

IC/EMV Chip Cards

Photo Cards

Indent Printing

Thermal Printing

Raised Embossing